When you enter the Bent County HealthCare Center, you will feel that something is different.  Although you might not be able to describe it, what you are feeling is simply love.  Love flourishes here because of the deep relationships we nurture. Love matters to us.  Because of the love for our elders, we have been implementing the Eden Alternative since 2004.  Through this relationship, we have created an experience here that you will find unique.  Our elders are not just residents here. They are moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, neighbors and friends.   Each of them unique.  All of them special.  Nothing is more important to us than the wellness of your loved one.  Our person-centered approach to care focuses on honoring our elders' preferences and choices.  We are dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere with an emphasis on encouraging growth of mind, body and soul.   We are on a mission to help our elders create and maintain lives worth living!




We believe in caring for our elders the way we would want to be cared for.  In our home, you might see a few things that are different and unexpected.  These are the elements of the Human Habitat including live plants, gardens, dogs,  birds, and children.   We are continually taking steps to transform our facility into our elders’ home.  Elders are encouraged to personalize their rooms, decorate the halls with their own artwork, advise us on changes and much more.  Our in-house child care center provides a unique opportunity for interaction between our elders and children.  Whether it’s the comfort of an infant sleeping peacefully in their arms or the fun in getting messy with the toddlers painting, our Elders enjoy reliving some of life's favorite memories.  We have incorporated intergenerational programs into our daily activities to enhance the quality of life for our loved ones.  It’s just one of the many things we do different here.